7 Tips to Maximize Your Small Office Space

There are times when extra space in the office can make a world of difference. Feeling confined can affect productivity, and space restrictions often make it more difficult to get things done. Today we would like to share some helpful tips that can help even those who work in smaller or multi-person offices to maximize their workspaces and overcome some of the challenges related to those situations.

  • The Initial Purge. Look around the office and begin eliminating everything that has become unnecessary or obsolete. Shred all the unneeded files, encouraging each employee to declutter their own desk or work table. Pay special attention to all the items that haven’t been used in a while.

  • Paper, Paper, Paper. Many companies are taking steps to reduce the amount of paper they use. Cost savings and environmental concerns are the primary reasons, but less reliance on paper will also lessen the clutter in your office. Just imagine the amount of space you could gain without those filing cabinets!

  • Lighting. Using more natural or recessed lighting in your office interior design will make your space seem bigger and will eliminate the need for desk or floor lamps.

  • Moving Monitors. With today’s smaller flat screen computer monitors, these items can now be attached to adjustable arms, giving you more freedom when it comes to their placement and enabling you to get them out of the way.

  • Vertical Office Space. Creating vertical office space is a great way to maximize your work area. Shelving can be attached directly to the studs in walls, and wall hooks can be installed for coats, purses, and other personal items.

  • Bottlenecks. Spend some time observing staff members, and identify areas where people spend too much time, such as waiting rooms, front desk, or waiting for a copy machine or other equipment. Develop a system to work around and reduce the amount of crowding that any bottleneck can cause.  

  • Front Office. If your company has a front desk where clients or customers check in, make sure this area is organized and not used as a storage space. This will present a great image to your customer base, all the while making it easier for your staff to move about and complete their daily tasks.

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