Top Interior Renovation Projects to Plan for Your Office

Take advantage of your office renovation plans by turning your uninspiring spaces into places that impress and motivate your workforce and guests. When you undertake an office renovation, be sure that all the time, money, and hard work you’ll be investing will bring about a fresh new space with a huge impact that impresses and attracts both your current and prospective employees.

Here are some stand-out renovation project ideas:

The Breakout Space

This type of space is a must for any on-trend office. It allows people to work in a space away from the boring, heads-down workspace most of us are used to. It provides a healthy boost to your office morale and productivity by adding some spice into the workday. Breakout spaces are a great spot to add some fun into your office environment; you want this area to look and feel different from the rest of the office, to inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Go all out with color, bright fabrics, and unique design aspects. Use comfortable furniture that can be easily moved to fit into any scenario, allowing for freedom of space that sparks collaboration and conversation.

The Collaborative & Focus Spaces

Recently, open plan offices have been the hot trend, and while they work well in improving collaboration and communication between team members, they can actually have a negative impact on productivity due to higher noise levels and distractions. During your office interior renovation, designing some private areas into your workspaces will be a valuable addition to the open plan office. In-depth conversations, or those that need to be more private, will be held in these rooms, and they will be the perfect dedicated spaces for interviews and personal interactions.

The Desks and Chairs

Your people spend somewhere around forty hours a week in your office, at desks, and sitting in chairs. It is essential for you to ensure that your office furniture is of a quality that improves employee health and comfort. Ergonomic chairs that can be adjusted to any body type or need will suit everyone perfectly and will help to minimize back and spine issues, supporting the wellness of your office staff. Sit-to-stand desks are another great addition to any office.

The Lighting

Natural light is proven to offer wonderful health and wellness benefits. It is now known that people with windows in their workspaces get close to 200 percent more beneficial light and are positively affected in their personal sleep time at home because of this. An open office plan is perfect for maximizing natural light throughout an office, with fewer walls and other dividers that serve to block. You can consider using transparent or translucent surfaces during your office renovation that will allow more natural light into your office rooms.

The Color

Your office renovation will allow you to re-do your entire area, and adding color can be a most welcome addition. Vibrant, thoughtful colors will bring energy into your workspaces that will most likely have a positive effect on everyone’s morale and thought processes. Neutral colors are no longer desirable; design trends are moving towards allowing your personality to shine by choosing a palette that illustrates who you are and what you do - an extension of your branding.

When it comes to your office renovation project, we can work with you to turn your workspace into a space that works best for your team. Call us here at Nashville Office Interiors today!