At NOI, design matters. Here's why:


The interior design process allows for detailed project planning that always leads to better outcomes for our clients. Interior design involves superior space planning, and can ultimately create cost savings by maximizing your real estate footprint. Likewise, solid planning reduces stress and labor during installation, as the area is drawn and predetermined for quick installation.

Under the direction of one of NOI's accredited designers, companies like yours are guided to make integrated selections that are beautiful and functional, to harmonize with the purpose and activity of your workplace. An NOI designer can help you not only visualize how your space will look with drawings and layouts, but imagine how it will be used through interactive renderings. From there, we partner with you to innovate solutions ideal to meet your business' needs.

Design also matters because it helps us prioritize sustainability. Some of our staff designers are accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council as practitioners in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED. With advanced knowledge of sustainable materials and facility operations, an NOI designer can ensure you create the most eco-friendly work environment possible.