Top Office Design Trends For 2019

Office design trends are constantly evolving. Often these trends occur in reaction to changes in the way people work. However, the most exciting innovations are coming from leaders in the office interior design industry who are focusing on predicting changes in the way people work before those changes have ever materialized. Today we are sharing some of the new office design trends that will be shaping our working world in 2019.

  • Activity-based Working. This trend is focused on giving employees choices: where, how, and when they work. That means they are provided with a choice of work settings; each setting is designed for a different type of task, and can be workstations, areas for collaboration, and zones for concentrations. This trend is well-supported by enabling technology which allows staff members to work from just about anywhere.

  • Brand Identity. This concept in design is based on the idea that every company is telling a story. Everything from the construction of your building to the layout and design of your interior spaces helps you share that story, inspiring your workforce and customer base. This office interior design philosophy gives your working environment a sense of identity.

  • Well-being. Today, everyone understands that the health and happiness in any office is very important, and top office design trends now reflect this focus on well-being. Research shows that people with a strong sense of well-being are more resistant to illness, and will have a quicker recovery time if and when they do become ill. A greater life-expectancy and less overall physical pain, greater creativity and an improved ability to solve problems are just a few other benefits, all of which are a plus for everyone.

  • Dynamic Spaces. Respected office interior designers today believe that workspaces should be highly interactive, not hampered by physical or ergonomic constraints. Furniture should be comfortable, organic, and easily rearranged, allowing employees to choose how they work.

  • Privacy. Open spaces and flexible layouts are popular, but private spaces will never go out of fashion. Some people work better in a solitary environment, and some projects just demand it. One design trend is to enclose part of your floor plan, allowing you to do away with dividers or cubicles, while still allowing your employees to work with as little distraction as possible.  

Here at Nashville Office Interiors, we are committed to making your workspace work! We can help you implement the top office design trends for 2019 and beyond.‍