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Innovative Workplace Design Solutions Tailored to Your Business

A hum-drum, neutral colored office space complete with cubicles is no longer the desired design for office space. But then, you already knew that. That’s why you’re thinking about maximizing and disrupting your office space, and you have been for a while. Offices, as they have existed in the past, have not been exactly pleasant, and very few people actually enjoyed working in them. If you have an office that scores too low on the aesthetic scale, it’s time for a re-do.

Here are some innovative workplace design solutions that you can tailor to your own business:


There are a lot of people working in coffee shops these days, or pizza joints, donut shops, and even parks. The gig environment that freelancers enjoy is very appealing. How about adding some of that feel to your office? Open up your workspaces to allow for co-working and collaboration between the members of your team. You might be surprised at the positive impact this will have on morale and productivity!

Bring Home to Work

The work/life balance has been shifting for the past few decades with the advent of smartphones. We can now carry our work with us everywhere, and many of us do. Even home. To add a balance to your business spaces, bring some home to work so that people can feel comfortable and cozy, able to de-stress a little bit. Happy workers do great things.

Feedback and Observation

Get feedback from your staff on what they would like to see happen. This will help you implement the ideal design solutions specifically for your office. Do you have a lot of cooks on your team? Maybe a state-of-the-art kitchen would be a great design idea for your business, allowing your team to work over homemade lunches. Or perhaps they would love to have more natural light, and growing things around them. Bringing the natural world into your office will go a long way towards creating a desirable space, both for workers and visitors. Observe your team as they interact within the spaces that you have, and then think about ways to redesign your work areas to encourage more communication; get rid of walls and cubicles and add movable screens and conversation-pit style furniture groupings for that collaborative atmosphere.

Amenity Bases

To encourage community, you could re-design your office to have the printers and the food all in one area, which will mean that everyone is moving in and out of that area throughout the day. Grabbing a cup of coffee will mean that they will interact with people they might otherwise never see or talk to. Good things can come of that, and it allows your team to stop and chat in an organic and natural way. Connecting people is a powerful way to build a strong, unified team.

Quiet Spaces

The open areas will be loud, with talking and laughter, music and machinery, and all the sounds of people interacting. Don’t forget that there is always going to be a need for quiet at times when someone will need to really focus. Provide quiet spaces for those times - don’t go back to cubicles, but consider creating “nooks” instead. Remember the reading corners we enjoyed in school? You can do the same thing here, with soft furniture, movable desks or tables, lights that can be changed and tailored to the situation, and screens, doors, or curtains to shut out unwanted distractions, depending on the noise levels in your particular office.

Taking these design solution ideas and tailoring them to your business will allow you to create a space that is absolutely perfect for your team and your business. Are you ready for an office space that offers flexibility and inspires productivity? Call Nashville Office Interiors today.